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  • Cooling gel foam layers absorb and reduce body heat for more temperate, sweat-free sleep.
  • Get 5-star luxury standard sleep in the kind of foam mattresses usually reserved for high-end hotels.
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People who've slept on a Haven have some really nice things to say

"Comfortable, easy to install and soft"

We ordered the Queen Haven for our guest room bed. My daughter started sleeping in the guest room because she said she was sleeping better and her back didn't hurt. So, we ordered her the full size haven mattress

Gretchen B.

"I love my Haven mattress"

I love my Haven mattress, it's dangerously comfortable!

Madelin B.

"Love this mattress!!"

I ordered a queen size Haven for myself and a full size for my daughter. We are both in heaven and absolutely love our mattresses. Delivery was timely and they were super easy to take out of the box and set up. The boxes were a bit banged up but luckily the mattresses were securely still wrapped in the plastic packaging. I'm a side sleeper and I haven't slept this good in years!

Leigh R.

"Beyond a 5 star hotel feel"

I was skeptical at first, not being able to feel a mattress before I could buy it. But, with an 18 month test period and a real lifetime warranty, even if it is normal wear and tear, I am really glad I did. This is the absolute best bed that I've ever had, I wish I knew about it earlier in life.

Justin M.

"So far so good!"

It’s really comfortable and doesn’t sag, I love how much room the king size is!

Kelli T.

"Good Purchase"

This is the right firmness and it's very comfortable to sleep on. We love it.

Xiao G.

"Best mattress I've owned"

This is a great mattress. It has the perfect combination of firmness and sink-in-ness for me. I am really impressed with this mattress.

Andrew K.

"Comfortably fit"

These pillows are great, they are not too sticky feeling like a lot of the gel style pillows and not too hot like traditional pillows

Justin M.

"Excellent value!"

We love the mattress. We bought it to used between moves while we stay at my son's house. It will be going in our guest room when we move in November.

John C.

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Our premium luxury gel foam mattress

From $910

Was $910





  • Perfect for back sleepers and those who like a little extra firmness
  • At least 1” thicker than competitors


The ultimate 5-star hotel sleep experience

From $1,310

Was $1,310





  • Perfect for all back, side and front sleepers who love a softer feel
  • At least 3” thicker than competitors

How can you tell a quality mattress?
With A Great Service

  • 18-Month Home Trial

    The Most Extravagant Sleep Trial in mattress history - and the longest available.

  • Free Shipping & Returns

    We are here to give you 5-star service. That is why we don’t charge any delivery or removal costs.

  • Everlasting Lifetime WarrantyTM

    We will protect your mattress against damages and faults for as long as you have it.

  • Flexible financing for all credit levels

    We offer flexible monthly finance options - so you can enjoy the 5-star luxury sleep for less than the cost of your Sunday morning coffee.

How does Haven stack up?

We offer the most comfortable, affordable luxury mattress on the market. But don’t just take our word for it.

Let us show you how we compare to the competition.


Free returns if things don’t work out

If your mattress doesn't turn out to be the Haven you've been searching for, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and tell us "it didn't work out." We'll process your refund, then send a removal pro to come and get it out of your way. It’s that simple.

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  • Measure the width: With your tape rule, determine the width of your mattress in inches from one side to the other
  • Measure the length: With your tape rule, determine your mattress length in inches from head to foot.
  • Estimate the height: Measure the height of your mattress from the box spring’s bottom up to the top of the mattress. Standard mattress sizes have a height of 11 inches.