How long will it take to get my mattresses?

The vast majority of orders are delivered within 4-10 business days, depending on where you are in the USA. All Haven Mattresses are shipped via UPS Ground. Some Queen and King mattresses can take longer to deliver as they are handled by UPS Freight. You will receive a tracking code so you can keep tabs on its progress the second it ships.

Does the Haven Mattress suffer from ‘off gassing’?

Our mattresses are made in the USA from top quality materials. They are not roll packed long prior to arrival at your home and, as such, off gassing is not an issue.

Do Haven Mattresses work on adjustable bases?

Absolutely! All Haven Mattresses sit perfectly on adjustable mattress bases. Our durable materials and forgiving foam mean they hold up much better than an ordinary mattress.

Do I need a boxspring?

No, all our mattresses work on any hard surface, whether that’s a boxspring, foundation, slats, platform bed or an adjustable base. You name it, we’ve got you covered.

What if I don't like my Haven Mattress?

We don’t think you will, but if things aren’t quite right, then that’s all fine. Just drop us a call or email to say “it’s not working out” and we will arrange a free return.

We do ask that customers refrain from returning products within the first month, as it can take time for you to adapt to a new mattress - if there is a problem with the mattress at any time in this first month, our team will do anything they can to find a solution.

What are the dimensions of the mattresses?

For a full guide to our mattress sizes, visit out Size Guide Page

What is the 18-month sleep trial?

We give everyone who buys a Haven Mattress an 18-month sleep trial - longer than any other mattress company - so that they can enjoy their product risk-free. You can find out more and start your commitment-free trial.

Does the Haven Mattress get hot when slept on?

Absolutely not. Our signature cooling gel foam mattresses allow for perfect ventilation, keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter and comfortable all year round.

What is Haven’s Lifetime Warranty Without End™?

At Haven, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer warranty on the mattress market. Our Warranty Without End™ protects from any and all manufacturing or material related issues. It even covers excessive sag and body impression from everyday (or ‘every night’) use.

If your mattress breaks down or develops impressions over time due to general wear, we will repair or replace Idle free of charge.

Do you have showrooms or anywhere to try the mattress before I buy?

We made it our mission to offer the best night's sleep possible at an affordable price. To do that, we have cut away any unnecessary costs so that we can continue to provide the best value for money on the market. This means that we have no showrooms or stores, however, we also know that testing a mattress for 5 minutes is no substitute for sleeping on it for years. That’s why we offer all of our customers a market-longest 18 Month Sleep Trial to ensure they love their Haven Mattress as much as we do.

Where do the mattresses ship from?

The mattresses ship from our factory partners in South Carolina. Mattresses are made to order, production is generally 1-4 business days and shipping is usually 3-6 business days via UPS with our free shipping method.

What is the weight limit of the mattress?

All Haven Mattresses are built to last and can sustain substantial weights with no problems. While we do not have a set weight limit on our mattresses, a good rule of thumb would be that they can withstand a combined weight of up to 1000 lbs.

Which firmness should I choose?

We have purposely engineered the Haven Mattress to provide optimal comfort for all kinds of sleepers of all body shapes, sizes and compositions. However, we have put together a useful guide to picking the perfect Haven Mattress on our Comparison page, which you can view

How long is the refund time frame if I do end up returning my mattress?

Once your returned mattress is picked up by our delivery partner, or donated to charity and we have received proof (either via donation slip or email receipt) we will refund you in full. This transaction typically takes 2-3 days to process and land in your account.

How are the mattresses shipped? In a box?

All Haven Mattresses are roll packed and boxed-up for delivery by UPS. They are built with this specific process in mind, with materials that will show no ill-effects whatsoever. It’s the quickest, easiest way to get you your brand new Haven Mattress.

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Size Guide

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How to measure your mattress size? (width x length x height)
  • Measure the width: With your tape rule, determine the width of your mattress in inches from one side to the other
  • Measure the length: With your tape rule, determine your mattress length in inches from head to foot.
  • Estimate the height: Measure the height of your mattress from the box spring’s bottom up to the top of the mattress. Standard mattress sizes have a height of 11 inches.