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Haven Premier

Our premier luxury gel foam mattress

Queen size $949 $760
  • Perfect for back sleepers and those who like a little extra firmness
  • 5 layers of support and comfort
  • At least 1" thicker than competitors
  • Firmness rating: 7/10

Haven Boutique

The ultimate 5-star hotel sleep experience

Queen size $1299 $1040
  • Perfect for all back, side and front sleepers who love a softer feel
  • 7 layers of support and comfort
  • At least 3” thicker than competitors
  • Firmness rating: 5/10

How does Haven stack up?

We offer the most comfortable, affordable luxury mattress on the market. But don’t just take our word for it.

Let us show you how we compare to the competition.


People who've slept on a Haven have some really nice things to say


“The mattress we’ve been searching for!”

We seriously used to book hotel stays and look forward to the kind of luxury sleep you can only get from 5-star stays. How wrong we were! Our Haven Mattress is now giving us that same luxury experience at home - not too firm, not too soft- exactly what we’ve been searching for! The Haven is also nice and thick, just like those hotel mattresses we love. Thank you Haven for the sleep of our lives!


"I’m telling anyone who’ll listen how wonderful it is!"

Online ordering and delivery was so easy! After comparing what felt like hundreds of different mattresses - the Haven was the obvious choice. It arrived in less than a week and took 10 minutes to set up - now I’m enjoying the best sleep I’ve had in years. The mattress is not too firm or soft, but just cradles your body perfectly. I’m telling anyone who’ll listen how wonderful it is!

Dade County

"Two of my friends have now bought Havens thanks to me!"

After three months on the Haven Mattress, we still wake up every morning and talk about how much we love it! We replaced a 13-year-old king and we are so glad we did. I wasn’t sure about buying online, but the warranty and sleep trial convinced me - since then two of my friends have also bought Haven’s thanks to me telling them about it. Thanks Haven!


"Best night's sleep I've had in years"

I’m loving my Haven mattress - even after three months of sleeping on it. I stayed in a luxury hotel last summer - which gave me the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. So when I got home I wanted to get that same experience every night! My Haven is just as good if not better than the hotel and the price is amazing for the quality! No back pain, just happy 8-hour sleeps every night.

Carson City

"My husband is converted"

My husband would not buy a mattress online, he was convinced that we needed to go into a store and try one out before buying. But the 18-month free trial and returns finally convinced him otherwise and he is now completely converted! He couldn’t believe how easy it was to get all set up! We’ve been sleeping on it for more than a month now and we both love it. He keeps saying I proved him wrong - and I’ve never heard that before!

New Jersey

"Haven has got our backs (literally)"

After a whole year on our Haven mattress, it’s still as amazing as the first night we slept on it! If you’ve never slept on a foam mattress, now is definitely the time because it pays for itself and it is built to last! The Haven is by far the best mattress I have ever purchased and continues to deliver the bed sleep I’ve ever had. Haven has got our backs (literally)!


"The best mattress at the best price"

I love a bargain, but Haven is something else! I've had my mattress for a month and it is still the best night's sleep I've ever had. It's so unusual that the best product is also the best price but this is definitely that. Me and my wife love how it isn't too soft and that it was quick to arrive and set up. A great purchase.


"Sleeping like a baby"

I recently replaced my old spring mattress with the Haven Premier and all I can say is I wish I had sooner. Buying online was simple and straightforward and the warranty made it so that I wasn't worried at all. The mattress is the best I've slept on and now I' sleeping like a baby every night!


"Would recommend to anyone"

I am a big guy (6' 3") and I sleep on my back, so I find it really difficult to find a good mattress, but the Haven Boutique is thick enough, strong enough and soft enough to give me all the support I need while also being super comfortable. Would recommend to anyone, regardless of their size.

18 months of free afternoon naps, rejuvenating nights and Sunday morning sleep-ins.

You can sleep on your Haven for 548 nights before you commit. That’s:

  • 1 and 1/2 years...
  • 13,128 hours asleep…
  • 79 Saturday morning breakfasts in bed

Free returns if things don’t work out

If your mattress doesn't turn out to be the Haven you've been searching for, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and tell us "it didn't work out." We'll process your refund, then send a removal pro to come and get it out of your way. It’s that simple.

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